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The Bird and Nature Festival

The Bird and Nature Festival Committee is a nonprofit organization  presided over by Henri SANNIER, an anchorman of France Télévisions, since it was founded in 1990.

Our Festival is a family event. We want to raise awareness about nature and indeed about birds and their habitats through art, culture and science.

The 1st Festival took place April, 11th – 14th, 1991.


A Festival in the heart of the Bay of Somme

Spreading over 70,000,000 square meters, the Bay of Somme offers 3 ecological habitats: the estuary, sand dunes and marshes. Nature lovers appreciate its flora and the place is well-known among bird-watchers.

The Bird and Nature Festival is a yearly event. It takes place every spring, the best moment to go birdwatching in this unique setting, a member of  the Most Wonderful Bays in the World Club as well as a “Grand Site de France”.

The Bird and Nature Festival offers activities for the whole family during the 9 days of the event:

  • Over 400 guided walks in the Bay and in the area (some of them are available in English)
  • Screenings of the best nature documentaries
  • Photo and art exhibitions
  • Activities dedicated to children such as workshops or shows
  • Debates and conferences

The Bird and Nature Festival organizes 2 international competitions at the end of the summer: one dedicated to bird photography, the other to nature documentaries.

The best of both competitions are displayed during the event. You’ll find more information on this website when the competitions are open (available September / November).