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International Wildbird Photo Competition

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Since 1991, the Somme Bay has celebrated birds at the Bird and Nature Festival, which takes place every year in April. The festival is a public event offering activities for the whole family over a period of nine days.

The photo competition it organizes have allowed it to obtain international recognition. Indeed, it is now one of the 10 most renowned photo competition dedicated to wildbird in Europe.

For this 2024 edition, we received 3,980 photos by 610 participants from all over the world.

  • 747 in “Bird Portrait”category
  • 952 in “The bird in its environment” category
  • 936 in t“Bird behavior”category
  • 735 in t“Bird in Flight”category
  • 483 in “Artistic vision of bird” category
  • 127 in “Young Talent”category (15-17 years old)

The 2024 Jury chaired by nature photographer Olivier Larrey met on January 19.
He was assisted by Léa Cirotteau (Social Media Manager & Photographer), Fabien Coisy (Freelance photographer, drone pilot and graphic designer), Cécile CARBONNIER (naturalist guide & nature editor) and Frédéric POLVET (Journalist for the magazine Natimages).

Prix Spécial Cristaline


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