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International Wildbird Photo Competition


Since 1991, the Bay of Somme, an internationally recognized migratory site, has celebrated the return of spring and birds on the occasion of the Bird and Nature Festival. For over 31 years, it has remained an unmissable event for nature lovers, notably with its many outings, its photo competition is now one of the 10 most renowned in Europe.

The Festival invites amateur and professional photographers to use photography as an educational and artistic medium to promote knowledge of birds and thus promote commitment to their protection.

This year, 6 categories including one dedicated to 15-17 year olds were proposed :
– Bird portrait
– Bursting colours
– Bird in action
– Birds social relationships
– Artistic vision of bird
– Young talent (for 15-17 years-old)

4,438 photos were received by 686 participants in the 6 categories. 50 nationalities represented.

The final deliberations took place on January 20 and 21.

The Jury awarded 8 prizes and selected the 150 photos that were exhibited during the 31st Festival.

As for the visitors, they were able to elect the Audience Prize (2 tied this year).



President  :

Arnaud GUERIN (Geologist, holder of a DESS in environment, professional photographer, author of numerous books and documentaries for television)
Members  :
  • Grégory POL (Ex navigator and diver of the French Navy, photographer)
  • Marie Claude OROSQUETTE (Wildlife photographer) ,
  • Frédéric POLVET (Editor for Nat’Images Magazine)
  • Benoit HENRION (Journalist and amateur photographer) 


See the gallery of finalists (excluding winners)

1er Prix Catégorie 15-17 ans



1er Prix Catégorie "L'oiseau et ses relations"

1er Prix Catégorie "L'oiseau dans l'action"


©Weinong DUAN (Chine)

1er Prix Catégorie "Portrait d'oiseau"