Professional Film competition

Professional Film Competition

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Prizes Rules

Professional film competition


Last year, 175 films coming from 28 pays were entered in the competition (including 108 from abroad), the Preselection Jury needed 105 hours to watch all of them.

For the 30th edition of the Festival, 30 to 35 films will be selected in 3 categories:

  • Bird / Wildlife
  • Environment
  • Amateur

The Final Jury made of filmmakers and nature specialists will award 4 Prizes for a total amount of €10,000 (including €4,000 for the Grand Prix).

The audience will be able to watch the selected films in their French version in Abbeville during the Festival (April 11th – 19th). They will vote for their favourite among the amateur films. The Public Prize is endowed with €2,000.

There will be a few other screening sites in the area such as Crécy-en-Ponthieu and Fort-Mahon-Plage. Debates and special screenings will be organized: the Award night will take place on Saturday, April, 18th in Abbeville Town Theatre. The winning films will be scheduled again on Sunday, April, 19th.




The winners 2019

Grand Prix 2018 - Les îles Canaries : la vie sur le fil
Prix Vie Sauvage 2018 - Le lemming, petit géant du nord
Prix de l'Environnement 2018 - Frères des arbres, l'appel d'un chef papou
Prix Spécial du Jury ex-aequo 2018 - La vie secrète des serpents
Prix Spécial du Jury ex-aequo 2018 - Le plus grand crocodile du monde
Prix Vidéo Amateur 2018 - Rencontre avec la discrète
Prix du Public 2018 - Le printemps de Bonxie
Mention Spéciale Engagement 2018 - Piégés
Mention Spéciale Ecologie appliquée 2018 - Econome sweet home