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Amateur film Competition




Point 1: Place and date of The Festival

The 30th Bird and Nature Festival will be held from April 11th to 19th, 2020 in Abbeville (Bay of Somme) – Picardie – FRANCE.


Point 2: Theme and contents

The entrants can register their videos in the following categories: bird/wildlife, environment or amateur. Fiction or commercials not allowed.

The rules for both professional and amateur filmmakers competition are available on the Festival’s website:

If a film registered in one of the categories proves to better correspond to another one, the Jury will be allowed to change the registration.

The Festival Committee and Preliminary and Final Jury decisions are final.


Point 3: Amateur category

This category is open to wildlife filmmakers who do sound recording, shooting or editing as a hobby and on a non-profit basis.


Point 4: Formats

Admitted for the preselection

  • URL to the streaming website of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo…)
  • Blu-Ray disc
  • DVD (zone 2 or region-free (zone 0)

Admitted only for the competition (the films will be shown in 1920 X 1080 full HD)

Apple Pro Res 422 files are highly recommended.

Only for films available in their French version:

  • A digital original master file to be uploaded on an FTP server (URL indicated upon selection)
  • or as a digital video file to be submitted on a USB memory stick or an external hard drive (that will be returned after use). Other formats allowed: .mpg 4 or .mov codec H264)
  • AND a Blu-Ray disc in both cases

For films available in any other foreign language version: 2 files of the film to be uploaded on an FTP server (URL indicated upon selection)

  • A digital original video master file mixed with the sounds and original commentary
  • And a digital original master file of the international version with the sounds and effects WITHOUT the commentary with a 48Khz .wav sound (default format) at a decent rate

For the nominated productions, if necessary, the Festival may meet the cost of translation, sub-titling, and / or dubbing of the foreign (non-French) films.

The film may be presented in different venues equipped with various screening materials (in 2019: Abbeville City Theater and Crécy-en-Ponthieu Movie Theater). To meet these needs, the Festival might burn Blu-Ray discs of the French version.


Point 5:

Any number of productions may be entered per entrant, but a maximum of two can be selected for nomination per category. They will be of a maximum duration of 13 minutes in the amateur category. The cut-off date is 2017.

The Festival Committee may choose some unnominated productions to present them out of competition. These films will appear in the Festival’s programme.

The Festival Committee reserves the right to show some unnominated and all nominated productions without payment.


Point 6: Entry deadline and documents to be included

Registration is to be made online via our website: until NOVEMBER 4th 2019. The synopsis of the production, a timecoded script in English, the species list with local, English and Latin names, a minimum of 2 photos of at least 300 DPI and any other relevant document will have to be uploaded on the website to complete the entry. The sending of a hard copy of the film won’t be necessary if you provide us with an URL to a streaming website valid until at least April 19th, 2020 (please don’t forget to indicate a password if access to your film is restricted).

The entrant who signs or fills in the registration file must be the authorized titulare of all royalties, and gives us permission to show the film and to use text and photos without charge during the Festival.

The entrant authorized as above also gives us authority to use the film, text and photos for the promotion of the Bird and Nature Festival. (3 minutes maximum extract per film). Those trailers may also be used to promote the screenings on the Festival’s website. He / she also agrees to the burning of Blu-Ray discs or DCP of the French version in case of screenings in various venues during the Festival.

Competition copies or files of the selected films are due to the Festival Office by January, 31st, 2020.

All DVDs received will be kept as archive.


Point 7: Transportation and insurance

The transportation and insurance costs for the forwarding will be borne by the entrants.

The Festival will pay for the return of your productions and will insure them for the whole period, your door to your door.


Point 8: Deadline and preliminary Jury

All entries should be filed before the deadline of NOVEMBER, 4th 2019 along with all documents requested in Points 4 & 6.

The Preliminary Jury is made up of professionals such as ornithology and other biology scientists, and other appropriate local specialists, chosen by the Festival Committee.

A video copy with technical quality not up to standard may be disqualified.


Point 9: Video library

A copy of the film(s) shown in competition during the Festival will be kept for the video library.

The records of the Festival may be shown to the school-children and to the public.

A donation may be asked to cover the administrative costs. Itinerant screenings may be held to broaden the Festival’s audience and to enable school-children and inhabitants to have access to this resource.



Point 10: Final Jury and prizes

The Festival Committee name the Final Jury. The Jury is made up of persons from such fields as: wildlife film, TV and other programme-making organisations, ornithology and other biology scientists and 2 young people from the Bay of Somme area.

The Final Jury decisions are final.

The President of the Jury has a casting vote in case of point of contention.

The winning entrants are permitted to mention subsequently in their credits that their production was awarded a prize or other distinction at THE 30th BIRD AND NATURE FESTIVAL IN 2020.


 Point 11: Prizes

The Bird and Nature Festival Film Competition includes 3 categories: bird/wildlife, environment and amateur. These 3 categories are endowed by a total of 5 prizes including the Public Prize that will be awarded to an amateur film.



Award of €2,000

This prize will be awarded to the film which has totalized the more votes from the audience on the night dedicated exclusively to the screening of the amateur productions.

The prize will be paid within a maximum period of 8 months by cheque or by bank transfer to the directors.

If two films are equally placed the prize will be divided between the winners.


Point 12: Special distinctions

Special distinctions may be awarded by the Final Jury such as (but not limited to):

  • the best picture
  • the best sound track
  • the best editing
  • the best technical quality

A diploma will be given to each entrant who is awarded a special distinction.


 Point 13: Invitation

The Festival will offer to each entrant whose production is nominated:

  • 2 nights in a hotel room for two people,
  • 2 first-class return train tickets: Paris-Abbeville-Paris, (alternatively a refund on this basis will be paid after the Festival by bank transfer). We will be happy to pick you up at Abbeville railway station if you let us know of your arrival time.
  • a meal with the other nominated entrants, on Saturday, 18th, April followed by a tour.

A hostess will welcome you at the Festival Office and will give you your accreditation and the programme of the Festival as well as other materials. In case of late arrival, these materials will be at your disposal at the reception desk of your hotel.


Point 14: Address

20 rue du Chevalier de la Barre – 80142 ABBEVILLE CEDEX – France
Ph: – Fax:


Point 15: GDPR

The completion and submission of an entry form and a production implies the full acceptance of these rules.

The information provided by the participants are only used for the film competition. In all cases, it is reminded that, in accordance with the European laws and directives in force and the European regulation that came into force on May 25, 2018, relating to Information technology, files and liberties, the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, the entrants have the right to oppose, access and rectify data concerning them.

Consequently, any entrant benefits from the organizer of the competition of a right of access, interrogation, opposition, rectification and suppression for his/her data, on simple request to the following address:

None of these data may be sold to a third party.


Point 16:

The Festival Committee, in case of necessity, may alter without notice the terms and conditions of these rules.

The present rules are also available on where registrations should be made.

In case of any dispute concerning the rules only the French language rules will be deemed authentic. The French language rules are available at CASTANIE, TALBOT, CASTANIE & HAMON’s, Public Notaries in Abbeville (Somme).

Click here to download a PDF file of the current rules.